Gamers Don’t Want Online Games

Gamers Don’t Want Online Games

Just when you thought that we’d never get a good crazy sound clip out of a executive again, Satoru Iwata comes out with a doozy. According the President of , “Customers don’t want online games.” This quote game from Japan Economic Spotlight and had lots of folks scratching their heads. In this week’s edition of Gamers’ Thumb, CINESCAPE’s resident gaming editors examine if gamers really do want more online games.

“The main point he had was that online games didn’t do well last Christmas in Japan. Specifically he seemed to be referring to HOT SHOTS GOLF FORE!. There is reason for this though as a lot of Japanese get highspeed internet from internet cafes, not necessarily from their homes. This puts a premium on the computer online games. Japanese gamers also spend much of their gaming time on cell phones and in portable games (and has addressed portable internet features with the DS). market? Broadband is quickly becoming more mainstream (when my parents have it, it’s MARIO KART DOUBLE DASH!!getting there). But if feels it must cater to its home market, then that is what it must do. However, I’m positive gamers would appreciate the ability to play MARIO KART online with voice support. and it’s sure to get bigger with the addition of MADDEN this fall.

It might be shortsighted of to refuse online functionality at this point, especially after already producing a broadband adapter. That said, the hopes of online gaming with the GameCube look slim but I sure did enjoy my PHANTASY STAR ONLINE and eightplayer games of MARIO KART: DOUBLE DASH!!” JS

“Satoru Iwata made some pretty interesting comments, and while I believe that to an extent these hold true, I’m not sure if they are completely correct. While I do believe that there are a lot , home to Mario, Donkey Kong, the GameCube and now the DSof gamers out there that do not wish to play online games (there are even those that detest it), there seem to be just as many that enjoy the online worlds presented to them. You don’t have to look any further than the success of EVERQUEST, ULTIMA ONLINE, DARK AGE OF CAMELOT or STAR WARS GALAXIES to see how popular these games are. Of course, all of these are PC games and the console market hasn’t yet been able to match this. But Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s Playstation 2 seem to be trying to close the gap quickly with their online services for games like SOCOM or MECHASSAULT. But to each his own, so companies should just keep doing what they are now: make games have both single and multiplayer modes and keep everyone happy.” TR

Los Angeles has started a crackdown of minors’ usage of game cafes. ESPN NFL 2K5 is not only 20 bucks, but it is shipping before MADDEN by a couple of weeks. Swinging Ape will develop STARCRAFT: GHOST. SPIDERMAN 2 has shipped over two million copies.

On Shelves

It’s that time of year. That smell of pigskin must only mean that it’s football season, officially getting underway with the release of EA Sport’s NCAA FOOTBALL 2005. Also out this week is TALES OF SYMPHONIA for the GameCube, as well as SPLINTER CELL: PANDORA TOMORROW. KARAOKE REVOLUTION: VOLUME 2 and BUJINGAI: THE FORSAKEN CITY are released for the Playstation 2, and SAMURAI WARRIORS for the Xbox as well.


Learning how to plac

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How To Choose the Best Sports Energy Drink

How To Choose the Best Sports Energy Drink

All right boys and girls, this one’s for the hardest workers and true athletes who work on it day in and day outfor those who truly need energy drinks in order to succeed. But of course, this one would so work for those who chug down energy drinks just so they could work out longer.

There are basically two classifications of energy beverages, the two are enhancement type and the rehydration type. Enhancement types are basically for those who need sudden bursts of energy specifically for work, usually needed by those working overtime. It usually contains high amounts caffeine, carbohydrates and sugar, most commonly known as power drinks. It is not exactly advisable for athletes due to their high carbohydrate content and the energy crash after the maximum effect has been achieved, which works in a limited amount of time due to the caffeine.

The second option, and the main topic of this article, would be the sports energy drink, more commonly known as the sports drink. It is also considered to be healthy in comparison with energy drinks, due to its lack of sugar and caffeine. It is usually consumed by athletes who play high intensity sports such as basketball and football. Its main function is basically to rehydrate the body of the lost fluids due to sweating, ergo adding to the overall stamina and endurance of the player. It’s also used to prevent dehydration in people suffering from diarrhea.

It’s commonly composed of proteins to help with muscle development as well as vitamins and minerals. Energy bars or protein bars are usually good too during rigorous training as a solid food counterpart. In a sense, they’re all well and good, as long as approved by the local and international health departments. In most cases, all sports drinks offer more or less the same ingredients anyway. Ginseng, protein, vitamins and minerals, they’re all the same. It’s the effect that we want, but not in the placebo, psychosomatic sort of way.

You could say that some energy drinks have gone as far as turning people into monsters (Not the scifi, but The Hulk type of monsters). By monsters, meaning over physically fit and muscular. One biggest brand claiming to have helped athletes become superstars is Cytomax. It offers a wide variety of products, from protein enhancers to endurance beverages. An extreme in this sort of sports drink would be the energy beverage called Bawls, which is known for a fact to have as much as 150 milligrams of caffeine in a single serving, far by surpassing the typical 8 oz. of brewed coffee, which contains only 6080 milligrams of caffeine.

In the long run, choosing the best energy drink, either for work or sports, is really up to you. You can try different brands and sizes, but when you do just keep in mind everything you have worked and sacrificed for, because it involves your health.