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ITS OFFICIAL now! Nike has released one of its most popular basketball shoe, the Air Jordan 11 aka the ‘Space Jam’ Jordan, today.The much anticipated release of the ‘Space Jam’ Jordans has indeed come as a blessing for those who still aren’t done with their christmas shopping, as more and more people queue up outside major stores to grab their pair.

Initially, Nike had announced that the Air Jordan 11 (Air Jordan XI) would be released on the christmas eve this year. But Jordans Shoes in a bid to delight sneaker fans, the shoes have been made available today all across America.According to Nike’s press release, his change (in release date) will give everyone more opportunity to get their 11’s before retailers close their doors early on Christmas Eve.

As for the pricing, the Air Jordan 11 is priced at $175 a pair, a decent amount for all the style and comfort that comes with it.

Originally, the Air Jordan 11 was created by designer Tinker Hatfield exclusively for basketball stalwart Michael Jordan back in the year 1995. The shoes gained much fame as Jordan wore the Air Jordan XI during the 1995-1996 NBA championship, claiming the title. The Air Jordan 11 were nicknamed ‘Space Jam’ Jordans after Michael Jordan sported them in the 1996 flick Space Jam.These Jordans For Sale extraordinary shoes made of shiny patent leather and nylon upper can now be yours this christmas. So rush to your nearest outlet before you miss the Cheap Jordans opportunity of the season. You may also checkout other boxing day offers from Walmart, Best Buy, Kohl’s, Kmart etc. 


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